Save 20% on clip orders $25+ with code 20off25

Save 20% on clip orders $25+ with code 20off25


When will my order ship?

Orders ship in 3-5 business days, sometimes sooner! Your order will ship via USPS first class mail and tracking information will be sent to the email you left at checkout. If you need a quicker turn around please send us an email to see if we are able to accommodate. Notes left at checkout are often not seen until we are ready to ship your order. 

If you order a custom personalized or monogram clip please allow 7-10 days for production. 

How will my order be packaged?

To reduce waste, clips are placed on display cards with up to five clips per card. 

Can I have my order packaged a specific way for gift gifting, etc.?

Yes! We love when you gift from our shop and we are happy to accommodate packaging requests. Please leave us a note at checkout letting us know how you would like your clips packaged. Forgot to leave a note? No problem! Please send us an email after you place your order. 

Are standard or long length clips best for me?

Snap clips are great for clipping hair back out of the face and keeping sections neat. The standard length clip is our most popular selling length. It is preferred by most of our customers, especially when purchasing clips for children. The long length clips do hold a little more hair and are often preferred for customers with thick hair or for adults. 

I have fine hair, which clips do you recommend?

The texture of the glitter fabric clips give a natural ‘grip’ to hair and work well for fine hair. A standard length clip will also be a little lighter in weight and hold better in fine or thin hair. 

A clip shows 'sold out' on the website. Will you restock it?

Once clips are sold out (and not restocking) we do our best to promptly remove the listing from the website. If you see the listing still on the website it is likely that the clip will be restocked. Click to be notified when the clip is back in stock to snag it before it’s gone again. 

Tracking shows that my package was delivered but I did not receive it. What should I do?

We are sorry you're missing your order! It is likely that your package was delivered to the wrong address and will be returned to you within a few days. 

The best way to locate your package is to take the tracking information to your local post office. They can check the GPS coordinates of where the package was scanned as delivered. This will help determine where the package was left.

You can also fill out a help request form with USPS on their website. This process takes longer but if USPS determines they are unable to locate your package send us a screenshot of their communication and we will replace it.